About us

Forever Slim came up as an idea based on what we see people wishing they could to or they knew about before. Statistics have shown that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of mortality around the world among adults, and one of the greatest risk factors is being overweight/obesity. Many have tried to cut off on the weight but keeping up with the gym and the heavy exercises is not easy, neither is the diet… and the money behind them is even harder to keep up. We all know that our planet has made provision for us and it is up to us to know which ingredients to actually use. Different researches have proven that several natural plants have the property and capacity to cut off the extra weight while keeping you out of risk of any complications, being all natural. Based on those researches, we were able to mix those specific natural ingredients found in different parts of the world, and we created the new concept, all natural based lines of tea Forever Slim to give the new hope and results for those who really want to lose weight in a natural and healthy way without the hassle of those expensive diets and gym methods and without compromising your health.

Our suppliers

Knowing that people are concern about what is going inside their body is the main reason why we do take extra care about our tea, bringing you this product with a world class quality without compromising your health. That is the reason why all raw materials that are used to make Forever Slim are inspected by companies and regulatory agencies to reduce and stop the use of pesticide, more specifically the classified: Class III by the World Health Organization. All the growers and suppliers that work and provide for us are dedicated to bring the best and all natural plants that we use in the mixing of our products.